20s face

In your 20s…

Usually your skin is at its absolute best when you’re in your 20s, after the flushes of puberty, acne and hormones have subsided.  Cleansing, moisturising and exfoliating daily and never leaving the house without applying sunscreen will pay dividends later on.  Two of the major contributors to skin damage are smoking and exposure to the sun, so ditching the cigarettes and wearing sunscreen are essential to creating beautiful, clear skin.

Great treatments to consider in your 20s:

Your 30s

Collagen production starts to slow down in your 30s, leaving your skin a little drier and duller than you remember it being.  Fine lines start creeping in, particularly around your eyes and if you have any stress in your life, it will start to show on your face.

This is the decade for using a high quality cosmeceutical skincare regime, and adding in eye creams and hydrating serums.  Your 30s is also the time you may want to start thinking about Botox or dermal fillers for volume as you start to lose that youthful plumpness in your lips and cheeks.

Ideal treatments in your 30s: