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General Ageing celebrating our faces and embracing our uniqueness is what being human is about.

At Peak Appearance we specialise in balance and harmony, with natural results that make make the best of your features while softening the harsher aspects of ageing -wrinkles, sagging skin and volume loss.

Nothing can stop the ageing process, but if you feel beautiful, then chances are you’ll portray that to the world.

Every day clients tell us how great they feel and how a little bit of appearance medicine help has made them feel more attractive and more confident. Keeping ahead of the game and addressing skin concerns as they come up will result in less maintenance required as you get older.

Some treatments address bony atrophy, reduced facial fat pads and floppy ligaments while others will help more surface problems such as sunspots or wrinkles.

At Peak Appearance, our team of experienced appearance medicine nurses and doctor expertly deliver the following treatments: