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Double Trouble?

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Fullness under the chin or a ‘double chin’ is a common concern for both men and women. Here is Fiona’s story:

“I have for as long as I can remember had concerns about my double chin.  It was always what I saw first in the mirror and it really bothered me. 

Hearing about Belkyra®, I got quite excited as I realised this could be the perfect treatment for eliminating my double chin once and for all so I decided to make an appointment.   Not really knowing what to expect, I arrived at Peak Appearance a little bit nervous to be honest.  I thought it would be painful, and that I might need to hide away from my daily life for a while to recover.

The procedure itself didn’t take long.  Lara Molloy took her time to ensure the injection grid (also known as facial mapping) was in the right position to provide the best possible result, and then the area to be treated was numbed with local anaesthetic.  There were a few little stings initially but it wasn’t too uncomfortable at all.  Throughout the treatment I felt really well cared for and safe.  I was surprised with how straight forward the treatment actually was.

My chin began to swell almost immediately which Lara reassured me is very normal and means the treatment is working. The area felt numb and swollen for about an hour, but by the next morning that feeling was gone and what I had instead was a rather wobbly double chin.

No one seemed to notice my chin was more swollen than usual, so I carried on with daily life as normal. Over the next few days the swelling reduced, and before long it was barely swollen at all.  My double chin changed from being wobbly to becoming quite firm; this firmness then slowly disappeared over the next few weeks.

12-weeks later I had my second treatment.  I was less nervous this time and excited to be able to see further improvements following this treatment!  Although much less than the first time, I did experience swelling. I reminded myself that this post-treatment symptom meant it was working and I decided to focus on the results I knew were ahead of me.

It is now 2 months since my second treatment and I am really pleased with the results. My chin and my jawline are much more defined and I love the way I look. Having had this treatment I feel a greater level of confidence and couldn’t be happier to have made the decision to have it done.  

I am pleased to be able to share my experience with you so you know what to expect from your own Belkyra® treatment.  The treatment has meant I have been able to improve my chin without the need for liposuction or invasive surgery to correct it.  Thank you to the team at Peak Appearance… I am really delighted with my results”.


2017 AMAC Conference

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Last month, Lara and Dr Danielle Waxman had the privilege of being flown to Sydney to attend the annual AMAC (Australasian Medical Aesthetic Conference), held at the Hilton Hotel. They had two full days of intense advanced Botox and Dermal Filler training, and live demonstrations with several world leading Cosmetic Practitioners. They learned some exciting new techniques, and of special interest to them was enhancing the male face, as well as hearing about a new product that will be released to New Zealand early next year that reduces fat underneath the chin area… They also managed to squeeze in a couple of hours of speed shopping at the end of the conference, and have returned full of enthusiasm to keep the people of Hawkes Bay looking the best they can…

Botox Results…

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It was all in the name of helping others, that the lovely Sarah from Real Exchange offered her services to have a Botox treatment filmed. She wanted to show how quick and painless it is, for all those that are considering this type of treatment, but may be feeling a little apprehensive. 

We received this photo from Sarah 3 days after her treatment, advising us that it “exceeded her expectations”. We think she looks fab!

Botox Dermal Filler Face Forward

Face Forward Plan

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Come in for a complimentary consultation with one of our Cosmetic Nurses then we can calculate how much we anticipate your treatments will cost for a period of ONE year and work out a simple plan for you.
We will divide your costs into weekly, fortnightly or monthly amounts and all you need to do is start your AP.

Its that simple!

There are no extra fees or interest charges and it makes looking great so easy and affordable.
You will even qualify for free facial treatments throughout the year. Enquire now!

Looking Fresh and Feeling Confident!

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Hawkes Bays leading Cosmetic Appearance Clinic – Peak Appearance, once again ran their annual Model Search for a deserving person to have the ultimate “Make over”….

A very deserving and delightful Zarlene Hannam, aged 52, was the lucky winner and is absolutely thrilled with the results. “I didn’t think there was anything that could be done for my skin” says Zarlene. “But now I look refreshed and healthy …………I feel fantastic!”

She says she had lost lots of confidence, mainly due to the condition of her skin from sun damage and age spots. But that has all changed now thanks to the wonderful team at Peak Appearance in Havelock North. Click here to take a closer look at the amazing before and after images of Zarlene’s transformation.

Nurse educator training programme in the Solomon Islands.

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Peak Appearance recently teamed up with Interplast to sponsor a nurse educator training programme in the Solomon Islands.

Interplast is a not-for-profit organisation that provides free surgical treatment to people in developing countries who otherwise could not afford it.  Its teams of medical volunteers including surgeons, anesthetists and nurses provide treatment to people affected by burns, trauma, tumours, cleft lips and cleft palates.

To read more, click here.


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